Sample Menu Items

Captain's Quarters

  • bacon-wrapped scallops w/ apricot-horseradish sauce
  • lobster BLT skewers w/ tarragon aioli
  • octopus fritters w/ citrus-saffron aioli, bonito flakes
  • ribeye sliders w/ pickled onions, horseradish aioli
  • salmon rillette crostini
  • seafood medley ceviche w/ fresh Thai basil
  • smoked salmon eggs Benedict

Sample Menu Items

Bo'sun Grub

  • deep-fried asparagus tips w/ miso-mustard dipping sauce
  • Disney-inspired ratatouille (a.k.a. confit byaldi)
  • peach caprese w/ fresh basil, balsamic reduction OR EVOO
  • pear and goat cheese flatbread w/ pesto spread, balsamic reduction, fresh rosemary
  • shawarma wrap (chicken OR lamb) w/ house-made tzatziki
  • shrimp and black bean sliders w/ seasoned arugula, lemon-pepper aioli
  • soul food fritters (ask me!) w/ buffalo ranch
  • tortilla Española (Spanish omelet; potatoes, onions, olive oil)

Sample Menu Items

Cabin Fare

  • bacon-wrapped dates w/ balsamic reduction
  • chilled cherry soup w/ toasted almonds; sour cream garnish
  • crudité w/ house hummus
  • deep-fried mini chimichangas (beef OR chicken) w/ red pepper cheese sauce
  • tacos of any and all kinds (fish might be a bit more)!
  • tomato soup shooters w/ grilled cheese bites (gluten-free option available!)

What is Freedom in Cooking?

Bringing my patrons into the menu development process while providing my own creative twist into the dishes


Personal Chef Experience - Small Plates

Tapas-style being my specialty, small plates are where I do my best work.  Small plate menus will include three to six menu items.  I can accommodate 2 – 12 people for Personal Chef Experiences.


Prices for this service start at $40/person.

Dinner Party Experience - Private Events

Buffet- and family-style service.  Small plate menu items may still be included, as beginner or intermezzo courses.  Dinner Party menus will include three to five menu items.  I can accommodate 4 – 24 people for Dinner Party Experiences.


Prices for this service start at $30/person.

Reception Experience - Swanky Gatherings

Hors d’oeuvres and buffet-style service.  I can accommodate 16 – 36 people for Reception Experiences.  Reception Experiences will include three to five menu items.


Prices for this service start at $25/person.

*** A LA CARTE drop-offs available upon request. Please inquire on prices! ***


Think like a child with the eyes of a chef


Not formally trained; not bound by tradition


My most earnest self-expression is done through food


As calculated as I am uncouth; as headstrong as I am brilliant


A dish is nothing without someone to experience it


My passion is my pride; my passion is my job

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