I've always wanted to make these. So, one day, I did! They turned out marvelously and now they can be yours! I make my own mixed berry compote as the filling for these, but you can use preserves here and should feel zero guilt about doing so. Don't sweat the presentation too much; it's comfort food! Just make sure the flavor is there and your guests will be happy.

A friend let me borrow her dehydrator a few weeks ago and I've been going HAM ever since!  There are so many fun things you can do with it, from making homemade dog treats, dehydrating fruit for a healthy trail mix, intensifying marinades, or creating the coveted black garlic (lookin at you, Joshua Weissman!). Your imagination can really run wild with a dehydrator.  The best part: you can recreate some of your favorite recipes while knowing exactly what's in them!

This chunkier (more rustic, I prefer) recipe is all about flexibility.  If you want more garlic (!), go for it.  If you want to double the mint, go for it.  If you need to omit any ingredients for allergy reasons (e.g., puréed tofu in place of the yogurt), no problem; just be sure to adjust the flavors as they suit your preferences.

This roll and its variants can be used to build any number of sandwiches:  everything from hoagies, submarines, or grinders to Po’ Boys and -- dare I say it -- Bánh mì.  Classic Italian meats are home here just as much as your traditional Philly Cheesesteak ingredients.  Or simply enjoy cut along the width with fresh, lightly salted butter!